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How to backup and retore Data for Vigica C90S?

  • Author:Tina
  • Source:Intek
  • Release on :2015-04-08
Quad Core Android DVB-S2 Vigica C90S have posted out for a few times, let's learn more backup and restore data for Vigica C90S.

At the beginning, connect the box with TV and Internet firstly.

1. download the channels all you want to watching

2. enter installation,insert a USB to the box

3., choose backup the data, the backup data will copy to the USB

4. take another vigica box(just only be Vigica C90S), insert USB, also enter installation, choose restore the data.

5. the channels will copy to other box.

6. your second box will get the same channels with the first one.

The Data have been entered the second box success. Just only connect with antenna, you can watch same channels like first box.

If you want more box with same channels with the first box, do the same operation.
Android tv box can give you more entertaiment for live channels.
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