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Update Steps for Vigica C90S

  • Author:Tina
  • Source:Intek
  • Release on :2015-05-04

Today let’s to learn how to update for vigica c90s?

Usually the customer got the box with 20150210 version firmware, newest version 20154021 V1 have posted out. But still some customer didnt how to flash the new firmware.

(Note: C90S-V1-ota-20150421 version firmware for Vigica C90S , the SN should be VGC810150420**** or older SN. Sample: VGC8101503280001)

Today i will show you two ways.

please make the files in the TF card directly, dont make any folder)


First method:

1. Insert the TF card to the box, connect the TV with Vigica C90S.

2. Power on the Vigica C90S. the Vigica C90S will start to update automatically

3. Installing system update, please dont power off

4. About 30-90 second, When the erasing showing

5. Erasing show,please remove the TF card from the vigica C90S

6. Soon the box will be restart. The Vigica C90S will load all apk in the box and enter the satellite channel watching

Firstly dont have any channels, you can search your channels you want. The update is success.

Newly UI for us. We can enter the system to check the version

The second method

1. Connect the TV and Vigica C90S

2. Enter the apps

3. Insert the TF card to the Vigica C90S

4. Then we can choose update&backup.choose wipe Data,wipe media.

5. Select the related firmware, the following picture is the second one.

6. Back to update&backup. Update the box-update. Please dont power off after we choose update.

7. The box will going to the update firmware. Also will show installing update system-----erasing---(remove the TF card from the Vigica C90S) , the box will restart. Update steps finished

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