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how to install and activate the account in vigica tv box?

  • Author:Tina
  • Source:Intek
  • Release on :2015-05-13

500+ programs hot selling, today let we learn how to install and activate the account

Firstly, please download the apk from the website



Copy the files to the USB.

Prepared one vigica tv box. Power on, please make sure the network is WIFI connection(Note:  please make sure just only WIFI connection, the account will fix with WIFI address)


Insert the USB to the box, then enter my apps

Appinstaller, you will get a list for your USB files


Choose the IPTV_release_a4.24.apk, install

Sometimes, the android box will note intall blocked, please choose trust.then install the apps


After installed the apps, you will get the following menu

Choose the upper right corner logo

Here we can input the keys. Maybe about 10 digit keys combo(number and letters together, for example: 7a5555ba0d),then choose √


The right corner will show the license date, about 365 days

Then you can enter live to watching live tv


In this menu you can have three choose, 500K, 1M  HD pack, choose the related one you can get the details channels list.

BeIN sports

MBC, OSN, Sky channels etc

More details about the IPTV box, please visit


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